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Tribute to Denise Garrett


Vale Denise Garrett


Denise Garratt - WPSA Director and co-founder & president of Help for Wildlife in Victoria (a 24 hour state emergency wildlife service) - has died.


Denise had been caring for wildlife well over 30 year, but her volunteering during that time went far beyond the call of duty - often 24 hours a day. Her wildlife rescue work had her named the Yarra Ranges Citizen of the Year in 2013.

Her compassion was not limited to wildlife. Denise would never turn away any creature in need, Denise has saved literally thousands of animal lives over the years. She was not only on the front lines rescuing animals, nursing and nurturing them, but she also worked tirelessly behind the scenes to change policies and people’s attitude towards wildlife in this country, particularly in Victoria.


Denise was a big part of the wildlife community, and she will be missed.


Reference: Tree of Compassion on Facebook (with permission)








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