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A Little Wombat Called Maggie

Sisters, Indi Dennis and Fiona Saxton, have combined their creativity to bring you this brand new ebook,
"A Little Wombat Called Maggie"


"Maggie" is the fictional tale of an orphaned Bare-nosed Wombat who was rescued,
raised and released by Mr and Mrs Joe.


Essentially a childrens book, but great for anybody who might rescue an orphaned,
sick or injured native animal.

Just $10 on Kobo.


Click here to be directed to Kobo

Jackie French has reviewed this book....


A magical story that is based on deep love and profound knowledge
of the care and needs and habits of baby wombats.

So many books treat 'real wombats' as characters who do things like stare long distances
or travel out in the sunlight all day.

Simply written, this superb book will give all who read it a true
and wondrous insight into life with a small, stubborn but irresistible marsupial.

Kids will love it- a wonderful introduction into the world of wombats.

Jackie French Author
Diary of a Wombat






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