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Research & Education
Sarcoptic Mange
Mange Treatment


Mange Kit provided free of charge by the Wombat Protection Society.

Cydectin Syringes being made up for distribution to people treating wombats with mange.

The pamphlet "Mange / Scabies You Wouldn't Wish it on a Wombat" can be seen in the foreground.








Courtesty A Cox

Burrow Flap for Mange Control - applying the medication to the self applicating gate.


Courtesy P Borchard

Burrow Flap for Mange Control - gate in use


Courtesy P Borchard

Alternative styles of Burrow Flaps for Mange Control


Courtesty A Cox

A hanging style self applicator - how to make


courtesy A Cox

Final product in use


Courtesy A Cox

Distance treatment - a syringe with medication is on the end of a long rod


Courtesy A Cox

Trap to capture wombats with mange


Courtesy WPSA

Alternative capture method - using a net on a long handle - ensure you don't touch the wombat on bare flesh
as mange can be transferred to you


Courtesy R Holme

Applying mange treatment to a wombat in care


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