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Wombat Resources

(this list is growing.... check back soon for more wombat resources)


Baby Wombat's Week

Jackie French
Harper Collins Publishers (Australia) PTY LTD

He sleeps. He eats. He gets bored. He creates havoc wherever he goes! He's Mothball's baby - and he's even cuter, naughtier and more determined than his mum.


Diary of a Wombat

Jackie French
Harper Collins Publishers (Australia) PTY LTD

Find out how one wombat - between scratching, sleeping and eating - manages to fit the difficult job of training humans into her busy schedule.


Common Wombat
Greg Pyers
Harcourt Education

Takes a close look at the life of the Common (Bare-Nosed) Wombat. The book covers the main stages of the wombat's life as well as looking at its habitat features, diet, habits and predators. Also included is a distribution map and a page of animal facts.


Saving Wombats

Emma Homes
Spark Street Communications Pty Ltd

When Ruthie and her family rescue an orphan wombat, Ruthie learns how wild wombats are suffering from a terrible disease. Knowing that her own much loved pet wombat, Womble, might be infected one day, Ruthie wants to help. Will Ruthie find a way to save these amazing animals?


Sebastian Lives in a Hat

Thelma Catterwell
Scholastic Australia

When Sebastian was discovered beside the body of his dead mother on the side of a road, he was just four months old. Near death himself, the tiny wombat was nursed by the author until he reached full maturity, and finally returned to the wild.


The Secret Life of Wombats
James Woodford

This book tells the extraordinary story of Peter Nicholson and his wombat research and then the author sets off in pursuit of the elusive wombat. He reveals the unusual history of its discovery, and tracks down scientists, rangers, farmers and wildlife carers around the continent who are struggling to understand and save these ancient and enigmatic creatures.


The Wombat

Barbara Triggs

UNSW Press Australian Natural History Series

This is a great book detailing everything you need to know about the Bare-Nosed Wombat, including rearing tips, behaviour, etc.  It also has some great photography and illustrations. 


Judith Pugh
Slawson Communications Inc.

Wombalong is the story of a baby wombat orphaned through ignarance and impatience and of the family which, reluctantly at first, cares for her. Although the violence of her mother's death is realistic and unpleasant, wombalong's story is one in which affection and instinct win through and conflicts are resolved through commonsense.


Robin Stewart
Scholastic Australia.

Humphrey the wombat is orphaned when his mother is hit by a milk tanker. He is rescued by Brodie's Gran, who runs a wildlife shelter in her home. This is the account of how Humphrey was cared for, his special needs and his later survival of a bushfire.


Wombat Divine
Mem Fox
Harcourt Brace & Co.

Wombat loves Christmas. He loves the cards and the candles, the presents and the pudding and most of all he loves the Nativity play. But finding a part for Wombat is not easy. A favourite amongst all over many years.








a Bare-Nosed Wombat
courtesy L Dennis







a Southern Hairy-Nosed Wombat
courtesy L Dennis



a Northern Hairy-Nosed Wombat
courtesy L Dennis

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