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Research & Education
Womdata Project


Womdata is a database of wombat information that has been compiled from collections of wombat data.


This database is a very useful tool in the current and future research projects of wombats. Research is becoming more urgent in the fight to save the three wombat species (Northern Hairy-Nosed, Southern Hairy-Nosed and Bare-Nosed wombats).


The range of this, the largest burrowing animal in the world, has declined due to human impact over the years. This includes habitat loss, shooting, and infestation with introduced mites (mange).


By collecting all data into a central database it can help the research effort.


We would like your wombats blood test results. Do you have any blood test results from wombats? It does not matter how old it is. The data will be collated and used to assist in wombat research.


It would be helpful if the results also included general information about the animal eg:

• Species (Bare-Nosed, Southern or Northern Hairy-Nosed)

• Weight of animal (or age if known)

• Location of wombat when rescued

• Sex of animal

• General health/reason for blood test and outcome (if known)

• Presence or absence of mange

• Extent of mange


Please contact us for more details.


We don’t only need blood test results. Any other data can be entered into the database.


Talk to us if you have some ideas – we would love to hear from you.








Bare-Nosed Wombat
Courtesy L Dennis


Bare-Nosed Wombat... drinking
Courtesy L Dennis

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